Bobcat E42

Bobcat E42

The Bobcat E42 Mini Excavator minimizes ground disturbance and excels in large-scale excavation tasks. The E42 R2 Series Mini Excavator offers higher hydraulic performance, higher efficiency and more precise control to push limits and tackle more complex jobs. Set up with the optional long arm or extension arm to increase digging depth and reduce the frequency of machine repositioning.

The E42 with conventional tail swing is well balanced to improve lift capacity and increase operator confidence, helping to maximize productivity.

The Tier 4 compliant Bobcat E42 compact excavator can be equipped with a long stick to increase digging depth and reduce repositioning. The Bobcat E42 compact excavator is the first in the company’s R2 series. The E42 excavator offers 42.6 horsepower and has a maximum reach of 17.6 feet. The maximum digging depth is 10.4 feet.

The R2 series joysticks feature a hydraulic control valve that provides finite motion controllability for leveling and fast cycle times. The Optimum Depth Check Accessory Kit minimizes the tendency to dig above or below normal. Depth check functions are built into the standard 5-inch LCD screen or optional touch screen. The kit is wired, so working conditions or wireless signal loss do not interfere with digging accuracy. Added stability increases lift capacity above the edges and improves over-edge digging performance and turning ability.


  • Bobcat R2 Series E42 Compact Excavator
  • Horsepower: 42.6hp
  • Bobcat turbocharged diesel engine
  • Operating Weight: 9,830 lbs.
  • Maximum Reach at Ground Level: 17.6 ft.
  • Maximum Digging Depth: 10.4 ft.
  • Maximum Dump Height: 12.3 ft.
  • Width: 72.8 in.
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow: 20 gpm
  • Tail swing type: Conventional


We have just added an E42 to our fleet. We have a 331 and continue to maintain it, but we needed a bigger machine to lift more weight and dig deeper. We ended up getting a long arm model and a hydraulic knuckle on the boom so we could use the huge 50-inch grader bucket. So far the machine has worked very well. We are now able to lift / load our f800 dump truck so the added reach height has helped us a lot. The additional lifting capacity allows us to place larger granite steps, rocks, or propane tanks with ease. For us the purchase has been really great.

I have a 435 (basically the same as their 335 only zero tailswing) I have a couple hundred hours on an e42 and e55 and on my option e series bobcats it is a huge improvement over the old series. I haven’t looked at the specs but feel-wise it seems to have a lot more hydraulic power, smoother controllers, and a much nicer cabin. I know my cabin rattles a lot when traveling, probably due to the 2500 hours, but the E-series seems to have a better design for the front window and door closures. The main reason I’m not on an E series is the price. For the rock bucket I’m not sure what they do for a rock bucket, but I have a 36 “geith and I am very satisfied with the build over the other 4 bobcat buckets that I have.

I had an e42 for rent a few years ago.It was nice and had a ton of power when the stick was sucked in, but it was a bit on the spike side due to all the extra weight from the extension bar.Of course I had a 36 “scoop and was digging thick, muddy clay so it may have had something to do with it, but I wish my machines had that feature every time I dig or do something with them. Maybe it’s the one.Time to start looking for a Bobcat, or is Daewoo going to have this feature as an option?

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